Thursday 8 June 2017

Further progress of our work on the CanSat

Till now we managed to produce a new and a much better version of our CanSat. And this is how it now looks like:

The main power supply has been taken care of. We even added a control LED to check and examine the status of the USB. Because the GPS is inexact we decided to add something to the CanSat, something that is going to make the process of finding the CanSat much easier and thus faster. So we added a whistle that makes sounds when receiving orders to do so. Creative, isn't it? We replaced the BMP180 with a BMP280 and improved the white holding plates for a better batteries. With that being done ,we gained deeper recesses.

In addition, we were able to attach the charging electronics to the position of the Ethernet interface and in order to make a room for the charging electronics ,we had to solder out the audio jack, which went quite well.

Least but not last, we connected the PiCam via a round shaped cable instead of the old flat one.

That is it for now, but we are not finished yet.

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