Sunday 18 June 2017

Finished outer casings

Today we finished our work on the outer casings. It should protect our CanSat against rain and other meterological effects and of course it should give the CanSat a cool look.
In all we made three outer casings, so we should be prepared if one of them fails.

Interested in how those were manufactured?

Those outer casings are made of papier-mâché. So they consitst of layers of old newspaper held together by wallpaper adhesive. As template we used a glass with the right outer diameter. To optimize the design, we used a styling foil (usually used for cars, etc.) from the hardware store.

one outer casing (only papier-mâché) without...
and here with styling foil (finalized form).

View of our workplace


  1. Looking quite good, I do really hope that this can is going to be strong and firm enough to endure such a devastating crush as the one of the fall during the lunch.
    Notwithstanding, you guys are killing it out there, keep it up like that and you are going to have a great chance of winning :)

    1. The chrush realy isnt quit that bad or atleast it doesnt have too, if your lucky he kans on grass and you also have the parachuit. In the national competition our cansat was nearly undamged, but thank you for you compliment nether the less


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