Monday 22 May 2017

First progress

The meetings of Jan Philipp and Damian were in order to continue working on a new and a much better version of their CanSat without a radio module. And the results of their work from the 17th to the 20th of May are :

  • They were able to save some space for other elements of the CanSat, in which they desoldered some unnecessary or unneeded elements of the Raspberry Pi 3.
These unneeded elements are one of two USB interfaces, the ethernet Interface and some Pins.

  •  They also built the orientation module and the camera/sensor module all over again, but the sensors of the camera/sensor module were left the same. However the camera/sensor module has gotten a new PiCam and a new order of its elements (see here).
  • The connection between the sensors is now more intelligible, because colored cables were added and the harness cables (wire harnesses )were knotted. 

Finally, no more chaos!

That is it till now, but it is not over yet.

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