Monday 22 May 2017

We are back!

Finally, we have finished our exams so we can start working on our CanSat again! 


Our present plan foresees that we will keep our secondary mission, but we will improve it! Thus, individual technical components will be replaced. The Pi 2 B will be replaced by a Raspberry Pi 3, so more power is available for our software. As well, the current version (V1.3) of the PiCam will be replaced by the more recent one (V2).
Our basic concept of construction (boards with elements held together by 3mm threaded rods) has proven itself and will be therefore unchanged adopted.
As an innovation, we are currently testing whether we can replace the radio connection by a WLAN connection so that we can save the T-Minus radio module. To capture the signals we want to use a WLAN directional antenna. consequently, we are looking for a non-metallic shell for our CanSat, because our existing aluminum sheath would shield the WLAN.
The recovery unit should also be optimized. So we want to extend the joint between CanSat and the parachute (from 15 cm to> 50 cm) to counteract the pendulum movements during the fall.

That the current competition will take place internationally, so we will continue this blog in English.

More details / information will follow soon.

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