Tuesday 20 December 2016

How is it going now?

After, or by winning the German CanSat competition, we are qualified for the European level. But what does it mean now? What goals have we set ourselves?

The "actual" European CanSat competition 2017 with the rockets launching and presentations will take place in Bremen, Germany from 28.06.17 until 02.07.17. The working time for these intensive days has already begun. There were two interesting candidates: Portugal or Norway.
As a result of the competition being "international", we will continue our blog in English .

What goals have we set ourselves?

We have to do a little fine operations on the hardware as well as on the software. In concrete terms, this means for the hardware, the following:
First, that the rate of measurement errors at the sensors has to be minimized or eliminated.
Second,  to select and install a new camera (ISO values ​​have to adapt more quickly - further minimize the green hue/tint on our pictures , the shake and the blur).
Third, the reliable wireless connection of the CanSats could still be increased (works so far with a reliability of approx. 70%).
Fourth, computer has to be changed, because the Raspberry Pi 2 from the RAM is not enough for our program or takes too much time.
This is dependent on the improving progress of the software. So it could happen that we have to change our design again.

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