Wednesday 28 September 2016

5, 4, 3, 2,1 - Here we go!

Today was the big day where all satellites ,always two of them in a rocket were allowed to start.The launch took place at the airport Rotenburg (W√ľmme).

360° panorama from the airfield .Click to enlarge the picture

We had a suitable nice weather, but a strong wind at the same time .The altitude was about 500m. During the time of the start preparation, we had to replace a broken GPS module and equip our CanSat with the corresponding self-starting software.

Our star-ready CanSat without cover
Cover for our CanSat. Inscribed with the name of our team, competition ,our school and telephone number

Our start was fast , smoothy and without incidents .We advanced for a team that had technical problems and so couldn’t start. But we ourselves had one too.
Even though there was a small breakdown of the radio module , our mission could start again after several “fright-seconds”. We are still analyzing the data we got. Nevertheless, we can say the following about the mission. At the first sight, this was a very good and successful mission. We have gathered all of the important and needed data, because we were able to find our CanSat and to read the information it gave us as well (SD-Card). We have gained useful photos for our attempt of optical position determination and at the first glance, the data of our primary mission looked quite promising.

We while saving logs (files with recorded data)
Overall impression of our CanSat after the landing.
CanSat with an opened cover  (This is how it was bent)
Damage to the outer cover

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