Saturday 30 April 2016

Our first press conference

At the meeting last Thursday we had a guest from the “Weserkurier” ( a German newspaper). The reporter asked us about the progress of the competition, about our secondary mission, as well as about the reasons why we participate in the competition. The article will appear in the next few days in the Bremen part of the “Weserkurier”. We will inform you about this again.

The programming of the sensors was successful and the programming of the acceleration sensor was already completed.

We have already written to sponsors but we have not received any positive feedback.

Furthermore, we have made the following plan for the next two weeks:
  •  setting up a power supply for the Rapberry Pi (1 or 2)
  • developing a first simple image recognition software for testing- sending another letters to sponsors (with a reference to the article in the “Weser Kurier”)

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